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Students With A Goal: Inspiring Academic Potential, One College Presentation at a Time

A group photo at SWAG

Yesterday, we at Students With A Goal were delighted to host representatives from Mount Vernon Nazarene University (MVNU) for an insightful college presentation. Our firm belief is that inspiring students to reach their full potential often starts with showing them the possibilities that lie ahead, and this was precisely the goal of the MVNU visit.

This academic year, we've set an ambitious target for our students: to achieve a 3.3 GPA. We understand the challenge this presents, especially since our average GPA last year was below this mark. However, we're committed to doing everything we can to help our students rise to this challenge. Part of our strategy involves inviting speakers and institutions like MVNU to underscore the importance of applying oneself early in high school.

Mr. Tavaris Taylor, Assistant Vice President for Intercultural Engagement and Learning, and Dale Frye, Admissions Officer at MVNU, graciously took the time to drive 90 minutes and speak with our students. They brought along MVNU swag, shared about the opportunities at their university, and most importantly, illuminated how students could earn over $100,000 of institutional aid from MVNU.

students engaged in dicsussion
Tavaris Taylor from MVNU speaking with Students With A Goal

Mr. Taylor's personal journey, from his upbringing in Atlanta to his international education, resonated with our students. His candid discussion about the need for diversity at MVNU and the benefits of attending the institution were enlightening. He presented the Diversity Leadership Scholarship Program (DLSP), designed specifically for first-year AIM (Americans of color — African, Latino, Asian, and Native American, International, and Missionary) students at MVNU. The program emphasizes leadership, character, academic excellence, and service to others.

The DLSP is built on three integrated dimensions:

  • Monthly “Leadership 101” Luncheons: These sessions explore leadership through exercises, experiences, and guest speakers.

  • Activity Participation: Scholars engage in a variety of leadership, academic, and mentoring activities on campus and in the community.

  • Peer Mentoring: Each scholar develops a mentoring relationship with an assigned MVNU peer member for academic and social guidance.

For many of our students at Students With A Goal, this was their first encounter with a college presentation. The revelation that GPA could significantly impact the institutional aid one might receive was eye-opening. Our goal of achieving a 3.3 GPA could potentially result in an additional $12,000 per year in scholarship money, a fact that underscored the importance of academic diligence.

Students With A Goal believes that presentations like these play a crucial role in inspiring our students to reach their full potential. We're excited about the possibilities that this academic year holds and are committed to continuing to provide opportunities like these that can transform the futures of our students.

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