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Do you find inspiration in Southeast's mission and vision? Are you a creative, self-motivated, reliable, enthusiastic, organized, efficient, and adept communicator? Is your passion centered around sharing the love of Christ with people from all walks of life? Are you seeking job perks like flexible scheduling, generous vacation/leave time, as well as opportunities for ministry and career growth? If you answered yes to these questions, joining Southeast Church's staff team could be an excellent fit for you!


To apply for a position with us, please send an email to, including your resume, cover letter, and, if applicable, digital samples and/or a portfolio URL.

Current Job Openings

At Southeast, we wholeheartedly embrace the privileged role we have been invited to play in the divine mission of God's church. It is with profound awe that we participate in this magnificent, life-giving, and world-transforming endeavor. With boundless joy, we offer our love, our passion, our skills, our dedication, our creativity, our steadfastness, and our deep gratitude. Filled with unwavering commitment, we will wholeheartedly fulfill the unique assignments entrusted to us in order to foster the thriving of His church in this world.

Worship Leader

We are looking for a dedicated Worship Leader who has a deep love for Jesus and is versatile in various musical styles, including Contemporary Christian music (e.g., Hillsong, Jesus Culture, Elevation), and Gospel-Lite (e.g., Maverick City, Israel and New Breed, Todd Dulaney, Tasha Cobb).

Youth and Children's Ministry Coordinator

We are seeking a passionate Youth and Children's Ministry Coordinator, who has a deep love for Jesus, to join our team. The perfect candidate will have a remarkable ability to connect children and youth to Christ, foster a sense of community, and encourage collaboration within PK-5th grade, 6th-12th grade, and college student groups. We highly value individuals who are self-motivated and excel in teamwork. This vital role involves working closely alongside the Next Generation Pastor.

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