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Coffee with the Pastor

Step One

Coffee with the Pastor

Coffee with the Pastor is a casual group gathering with Pastor Howard Harris, Lead Pastor at Southeast Church. During Coffee with the Pastor, he will share his spiritual journey and invite you to examine your own. You will learn more about Southeast's structure and vision and discover how to be a part of the community and mission of the church. Coffee with the Pastor is offered throughout the year. Reserve a seat now.

Step Two

Joining Service

Immediately following Coffee with the Pastor, those who are ready to join Southeast’s in membership are invited to do so.  You may be transferring from another Nazarene church, coming from another denomination, or be joining a church for the first time.

What if you are not ready to join? Membership is merely an option. Continue to visit as long as you wish.

Step Three

Starting Point

After you join the church, we encourage you to attend Starting Point, a three-week class designed to jumpstart our spiritual journeys, transforming our hearts, our relationships, and our city.  It features teaching by Pastor Steve, opportunities for reflection and discussion, and practical ways to plug into the various ministries of Southeast Church.

Step Four

Get Connected

We encourage you to be faithful in your Sunday worship participation and to find at least one additional way to engage with Southeast. Participation in a small group or service opportunity is a great way to begin.

If you have questions about becoming a member of Southeast, please contact Shawn Singleton, Guest and New Member Coordinator.

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